Wouldn’t you be interested in knowing the most expensive dog food that you can buy for your pal? Your dog is your world right? You can’t even imagine a single day without playing with them or chilling with them so why compromise when it comes to taking care of your dog’s health?

Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Dog Food:

There is nothing more awful than choosing a bad quality of food for your pets, be it your dog, cat, or any other animals that you have at your house. But believe us, here you are going to see the world’s most expensive dog food that you can buy easily from anywhere to feed your dog.

1) Orijen Regional Red

Orijen Regional Red dog food

Orijen Regional Red is the comfort food for every dog just like humans have their own comfort food. The reason behind this food being on top of the list is the nutrients and other nourishing elements it includes. Orijen Regional Red is made up of wild boar, black angus beef, and bison. Apart from this, there are other ingredients as well that keep the food fresh for the longest hours.

You can purchase this food by paying $2.50/oz which is considered a very reasonable price around the world. All you need to do is, take the cereals in a bowl, add a cup of water according to the number of cereals you have taken, and mix it. You can either add milk or water and give it to your dog for eating, and make your pet happy.

2) ZiwiPeak Venison

ZiwiPeak Venison

 The ZiwiPeak Vision is a New Zealand based brand that is specially established for manufacturing delicious foods for your pets. You can get different food items that contain high protein, good amounts of fat, and carbohydrates and the best thing is these are not processed food items.

The food comes in a form of different sizes of bags and you can choose as per your choice. But in order to have it in your stock you need to pay the brand $1.25 per ounce which is approx $110 per small bag. One thing that’s assured is that your dog will crave for ZiwiPeak Venison again and again.

3) Wysong Archetype Burgers

Wysong Archetype Burgers

 If you are searching for the best and most expensive food for dogs then you must consider Wysong archetype burgers and write it down in your shopping list for next time. This dog food is easily available at grocery stores in the form of a canister.

Per canister will cost you around $71.70 which can be a bit costly compared to the other food brands. But this is one of the healthiest foods that your dogs can have at every meal. These food items are dried cereals that are crispy and can be taken with milk as well.

4) Nom Nom

Nom Nom

Nom Nom is the best when it comes to choosing fresh foods for dogs and you can directly get it on your door by ordering them from online mode. It contains all the nutrients, proteins, and nourishment that your dog needs for a long life span.

Apart from serving nom nom, you can serve other food items to your dog as well so they don’t remain hungry if they don’t like but that is not going to happen because it has been one of the most sold dog foods. You can buy this packet at the price of $60.

5) Spot and Tango Lamb

Spot and Tango Lamb

 This is the most expensive dog food brand, especially in the United States of America. Per week this food brand will cost you around $4000 and it can vary depending upon how old your dog is and what breed it is of. Even though this is the costliest among all the other food brands, it can never disappoint your dog and a small portion is enough to give your best friend all the nutrients that they actually need for a healthy lifestyle.

6) Farmina N&D Ocean Herring and Orange

Farmina N&D Ocean Herring and Orange

 This is a Europe based brand and one of the most popular brands all over the world. Every dog lover makes sure that they are buying the most authentic and expensive dog food that can keep their dog’s health at the top.

The meat ingredients present in the Farmina N&D ocean herring and orange, give strength to the bones and muscles and also keep the body fit. Pay $80 to $150 and the bag is yours.

7) NRG The Raw One Free Wild Caught Salmon Dehydrated Raw

NRG The Raw One Free Wild Caught Salmon Dehydrated Raw

 This food item includes all the things that your dog needs to have. A single packet comes after paying $100 but the quality of this product is excellent and you can never compare this food quality with any other dog food brand because of its brilliance.

It is made up of multiple ingredients like carrots, squash, broccoli, pumpkin, pineapple, and more.

8) Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Food

Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Food

 Is the immunity of your dog not up to the mark? Do you have to visit a veterinary doctor every now and then with your dog? Then your problem is going to end soon because human beings need power-pact food items to gain immunity, dogs also need to eat something that can give them power. And this power comes in the form of Bully Max High Performance Super Premium food. All you need to do is visit a shop, buy this pack for $150, and give it to your dog at the right time. Slowly, you will observe a growth in the immune system.

9) Goofy Tails Fresh Veggie Delight

Goofy Tails Fresh Veggie Delight

 If your dog is completely against non-veg food items, then goofy tails and fresh veggie delight is the best option to choose from. Buy a packet for around $180 and let your dog enjoy each bite.

10) Taste of the Pacific Stream

Taste of the Pacific Stream

This dry dog food comes in different flavors and one of them is smoked salmon. If your dog is fond of chicken and fish, then this grain-free pacific stream food is the best. You can get it at a price of $100 easily.


Mentioned above are the top 10 most expensive dog foods. Buy them today and let your dog live a life of joy.