We often generalize luxury brands as being overpriced, materialistic cooperation is not correct. There are some brands out there that do give the right price for the right quality but as consumers, we must be well-versed and conscious while going for our purchases and have a closer look into all of the things that make luxury brands distinct from day-to-day clothing. Behind the scenes, you might be taken aback by the extra costs that are invested into the designing of those high-priced pieces.

Why Are Brands So Expensive?

Let’s check out why branded things are super costly.

You’re not merely paying for the article, but you’re also contributing to the time along with the hard work and energy that is invested into designing that item. Fashion is not just about cloth, it represents the history, the heritage, the brand’s identity, and its expression. Clothes mean zero until someone lives in them.

Expensive brands

1) Quality

Unlike traditional store brands, luxury brands hike prices due to applying much better materials for their clothing consequently an Armani t-shirt would last longer as compared to the H&M one.

2) The exclusive factor

One of the perfect examples would be Supreme, a brand that has excelled in the art of limited supply, these in turn make the products more desirable.

3) The brand name

The most implied reason designer clothes are so expensive is the reason that you’re paying for the brand name. The fashion industry represents exclusivity and social status. People adorned luxury brands for their quality, but also because they want people to know they are using name-brand clothing.

Additionally, it takes a huge effort for a brand to become a proclaimed and well-known name to grab a premium price, the top quality, heritage, packaging and different factors contribute to the value of the brand.

Expensive brands

4) The consumer experience

All luxury and exotic brands have the best brick-and-mortar stores in the perfect locations. Their packaging/fulfilment is luxurious, along with their sales staff! When you need the best from the brand and its image, the cost is going to hike up.

The main factor designer clothes are so highly-priced is that designer brands are aware of the fact that people will keep on buying clothes for these premium prices. If you can sell something for this much and you are making a good amount of money, then you would go for it too. If people are purchasing it, they will keep selling.